Zedd: Hurting the boy won’t get you what you want any faster.

Livia: I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t hurt my son, please.

Aidan: Do you have any idea how stupid you are?

Livia looks aghast at Aidan.

Livia: Aidan!

Aidan: Finding that book won’t do you any good. Because even if you do you can’t give it to Darken Rahl. Do you even know where you are? Have you looked outside? You’re not in the Midlands anymore.

The shock on Zedd’s face is also shown in the Lead Soldier’s. He releases Aidan and goes to a window. He opens it and sees that the boy is right, there is no village where it should be, even Zedd stands in wonder

-Legend of the Seeker: Sanctuary

Richard: Zedd.

He comes riding in then slows his horse.

Zedd: We have to hurry.

Kahlan: What is it?

Zedd: Shota showed me a vision. There is another Book of Counted Shadows. Long ago, in secret, an ancient monk transcribed a copy of the book.

Richard: If we could get our hands on it we could defeat Rahl.

Kahlan: Did Shota’s vision show you where it was?

Zedd: Yeah. But there was more to her vision. Soon Rahl will also learn of the Book’s whereabouts, and when he does he’ll send men to retrieve it. The only question is, can we get there first?

-Legend of the Seeker: Cursed