Myrtle Snow: You’re leaving this coven, Zoe. And you’re taking Kyle with you. 
Zoe Benson: I do love Kyle, Myrtle… But I’m not leaving. 
Myrtle Snow: I watched you and Kyle together at Nan’s funeral. Such a pair. So much in love. As the great Keats would say, “More happy love! More happy, happy love! Forever warm and still to be enjoyed. Forever panting and forever young.” I had a love like that once. Egon von Furstenberg. He dumped me, but everything worked out all right in the end. You know why? because he went on to marry the divine Diane. And without Egon’s support, Diane von Furstenberg never would have created the greatest invention of the century, the wrap dress! If you stay here, your life is in grave danger. 
Zoe Benson: I can handle Madison. 
Myrtle Snow: She’d slit your throat then sleep like a baby. I understand Madison. The depth of her cynicism. Go. You and Kyle. Run away together and start your life over.

-American Horror Story: Coven

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